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Guides and Tools for High-Risk Pregnancies with Kelly Whitehead

Kelly Whitehead


Kelly Whitehead is a scientist-mom, who lost a preemie son and went on to have two high-risk pregnancies. She wrote High-Risk Pregnancy-Why Me? (which is backed by a top perinatologist, Dr. Berghella) as an educational tool and emotional guide for those experiencing a difficult pregnancy and the providers who work with them. She is also a trained doula, birth advocate and spokesperson for Sidelines National High Risk Pregnancy Support Network.

The road to parenthood is tough enough. Adding the fear of a possible premature baby can make it overwhelming: bed rest, countless meds, endless tests, no sex, the list goes on and on. Written by a mom-scientist who lost her first baby at nearly 23 weeks and endured two subsequently successful high-risk pregnancies in collaboration with one of the world's top medical authorities on premature birth, WM? provides the answers and knowledge your head craves, while addressing the heart's need to manage one's fears, to know they're normal and to be reassured that you can and will get through this.

You have questions & more questions...and WM? has answers. From risk factors and finding the best doctor, to coping with months of bed rest and sexual abstinence. From transvaginal ultrasound and cervical lengths, to cerclage and progesterone. From fetal fibronectin testing and the value of steroids to contraction-stopping meds and much more.

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