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Weed Walk
July 3, 2012

A Walk in The Woods

Green greetings!

I promised you a walk in the forest this week, so, if you’re ready, let’s go. Remember to spray some yarrow tincture on your ankles to foil the deer ticks. In fact, let’s take the yarrow sprayer with us. We’re going to the swamp, and we’ll need to ward off mosquitoes as well as ticks and biting flies.

Most of the plants we’re going to see in this weed walk are poisonous. Some are such heavy-duty herbs that even touching them can cause problems. So our recipe will use a plant closer to home, jewelweed. That’s one of the first messages that plants give us: Those that live closer to us want us to use them more frequently. Those that grow further away from us are used rarely.

Next week, when we come back from our walk in the woods, I’ll introduce you to a small, scentless mint that may become a new best friend, plus a host of other flowering plant in the mint family. And, of course, interesting plants that are coming into bloom in summer’s heat.

Until then, enjoy your freedom holiday. Take your Hypericum sunscreen with you.

susun weed

And remember, green blessings are everywhere.



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