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Weed Walk, contd.


Cow-wheat AKA Mesaweed (Melampyrum lineare)
Here we are, on the mesa, where this strange weed grows. It is called a parasitic plant, but it seems to do no damage. Perhaps it is symbiotic with the trees? It grows only in really cold places; the Catskills are the far southern end of its range. It grows on the very poorest and rockiest of places. Perhaps it is working with the trees roots to free minerals for food? Perhaps someday I will sit with mesaweed for a while, breathe with her for some days, dream with her on moony nights. Perhaps then she will speak to me.

 spotted wintergreen


Spotted wintergreen (Chimaphila maculata)
Wow! We are in luck today. This rare little plant is quite at home here among the rocks, but it is not often that we get to see it in flower. Enjoy and protect.

  jewel weed  

Jewel Weed (Impatience capensis) and Poison Ivy
And as we return to Laughing Rock Farm, here, where we cross the stream to get onto the fairy by-pass path, is the classic pair: poison ivy and jewelweed. The lovers, the foes. One who loves sun and one who loves shade. One who clings and one who stands tall on her own. One who tolerates dry and one who must have her feet wet. Let's pick some jewel weed and make some soup.