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June 22: Solstice Herbs
June 23-24: Language of Plants intensive/Burgess
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July 21-22: Work Weekend
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Weed Walk
June 19, 2012

Joyous Solstice Greetings to All.

The energies of the plants are throbbing as the longest day of the year floods us all with warmth and sunshine. It’s a good thing the days are long, there is so much to do.

Many thanks to the perspicacious readers who noticed that a computer gremlin messed with my text last week. I left out the botanical names of Virginia creeper and poison ivy when I submitted the text for the ezine, but the computer, sensing a disruption to pattern, added some. Not being an herbalist, nor a botanist, the computer chose the wrong names. LOL Really glad to know you are all out there guarding my back and keeping me honest. I love you for it!!

More big medicines to make this week. Motherwort the Magnificent, Madame Yarrow, and Holy Hypericum. Time to tincture those flowering ladies! (Recipe follows.) It’s so easy to make fresh plant tinctures that we’ll have time to take a walk around Laughing Rock farm and meet some interesting new plants, including a host of dandelion look-alikes and some delicious greens for our salad. Fresh plant tinctures are so superior to ones made from dried plants that, once you try them, you will never want to use any others. So do go out and make at least one tincture from a flowering plant this week.

And make some time to gather the wild fruit that is ripening: mulberries for wine, wild cherries for cough medicines, wild strawberries for desert, blueberries for long life, raspberries for memory. Ah! Abundance.

susun weedSo many plants to meet. So many blessings. . . from the heart of the earth, and my heart, to yours.

Green blessings,



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Feature Article by Sophia