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The Green Report
May 29, 2012

Green greetings.

“Roll me over in the clover, roll me over, lay me down and do it again.”

So goes the old song. And this is the month of clover. How many different ones grow around you? Get out your field guides and let me know what you find.

You will also see lots of mustard/cabbage family plants in bloom. I have included four yummy new ones for you in this green report.

And the rose family is shouting out in joy and sweetly scenting the air. Ah! Breathe in the blessings. And try out my recipe for rose petal honey. It is a sweet treat that also has medicinal effects. And so easy to prepare.

susun weedI’ll be sharing some special plants next week too, so be sure to come back for lots more green blessings.


Errata: oops, we put the wrong name on a photo last week. That isn’t trout lily, it's corn lily (Clintonia borealis). Flowers are the same; leaves are different.

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