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June 8: Moonlodge
June 9: Herbal Medicine
June 10: Talking w/Plants
June 16/17: Work-Learn
June 19: Apprenticeship
June 22: Solstice Herbs
June 23-24: Language of Plants intensive/Burgess
June 29-July 1: Midwest Herbal Conference
July 7-8: Work Weekend
July 13: Moonlodge
July 12-15: Green Witch Intensive/Weed
July 21-22: Work Weekend
July 27-29: Priestess of Pleasure Intensive
August 6-10: Green Goddess Apprenticeship

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Flirty Thirty+ Wild Greens Salad

Dress your salad, as always, with tamari, herbal vinegar, and lots of olive oil, plus a generous shake of gomasio (sesame salt). Enjoy!


five finger ivy
hedge mustard
Hedge mustard
Mallow leaves
Peony flower

    Bland Greens (75% of salad)
    Chickweed leaves, stalks, and flowers
    Five-finger ivy (Virginia creeper) leaves
    Garlic mustard leaves
    Giant chickweed, top leaves
    Hedge mustard leaves
    Lamb’s quarter leaves (Chenopodium album)
    Mallow leaves
    Plantain leaves
    Violet leaves
    Wild carrot leaves

    Aromatic Greens (10% of salad)
    Catnip leaves
    Lemon balm leaves
    Monarda (bergamot) leaves
    Wild mint leaves
    Shiso leaves
    Wild oregano tops

    Really Strong Greens cut finely (3% of salad)
    Cronewort tops (Artemisia vulgaris)
    Dandelion leaves
    Wild chives

    Sour Greens (5% of salad)
    Sheep sorrel (whalewort) leaves (Rumex acetosella)
    Oxalis leaves
    Yellow dock, small leaves of Rumex crispus

    Edible Flowers (7% of salad)
    Red clover
    White clover
    Sweet clover
    Queen of the night
    Wild geranium
    Creeping Jenny/Ground ivy (flowers and leaves)
    Rose petals
    Peony petals
    Heal all flowers and leaves
    Daisy flowers and leaves