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Weed Walk with Susun Weed: Plants of the edges and fields

The Potentilla Sisters are part of the rose family, and, like most other members, are praised for their astringent abilities. Both roots and flowering tops are effective taken/used as a tea, infusion, tincture, or sitz bath.

Try a potentilla sister the next time you need to check gas, gut pain, and diarrhea, shrink hemorrhoids, tighten gums, ease canker sore pain, slow and stop internal bleeding, improve skin tone, counter menopausal night sweats, chase away down-there itchiness, slow menstrual/menopausal bleeding, improve bladder tone, or moderate spasms of the nervous system.

common cinquefoil


Common cinquefoil (Potentilla simplex)
Sometimes mistaken for a strawberry plant due to its sprawling, crawling creepers, and thus sharing the name “barren strawberry,” this pretty little cinquefoil is the archetype of the potentilla genus with its perfect five-petaled, many-stamened flowers and its five-part leaves.


silver cinquefoil


Silver cinquefoil (Potentilla argentea)
Easily identified by the silver underside of the leaves, which are in fives, but bluntly toothed, rather than serrated like her sisters.


rough fruited cinquefoil


Rough-fruited cinquefoil (Potentilla recta)
This tall potentilla sister has the loveliest pale yellow flowers facing up and smiling at you. Give then a whirl in your salad tonight.